Friday, January 19, 2007

Google Switch Phone - Real or Fake?

A new unverified rumor was born.

Today, appeared a picture that presents what is claimed to be the "Google Switch" mobile phone, a new product of the Google - Samsung collaboration. The authenticity of this photo has not yet been verified, but if this image represents indeed a Google product, not a Photoshop fake,the Apple's iPhone launching will have to manage a serious problem.

What we know is the fact that the two teams, Google and Samsung, worked togheter in the past and the newly Ultra Edition 13.8 is the concrete proof. This mobile phone is a super slim one, but not as the one pictured in this photo. If we listen to the rumors, the "Google Switch" has no on-board storage; all the existing applications are served up over the network.

Until we find more concrete information about this new Samsung - Google mobile phone, we will find and analyze every interesting rumor.

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